May 18, 2020Einsa contributes with its Technology and Industrial capacity to the disinfection of COVID19 EINSA manufactures state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment capable of efficiently tackling high-powered flames in commercial and military enclosures or Navy ships. In collaboration with the UME, our company has provided and modified some of said equipment, so that the pump and other pressure control elements serve to project sanitizing liquid, with which to disinfect some essential facilities from the coronavirus. The figures below show the Equipment / vehicle operating in different parts of Merca Madrid   The VRAC or Self-Propelled Fire Tug Vehicle is an Equipment designed and manufactured by EINSA for the efficient extinction of fires that may arise in the Juan Carlos I aircraft carrier or other Navy ships. It has several foam concentrate tanks as well as an adjustable launcher located at the front and capable of projecting foam concentrates or AFFFs up to 30 meters away.     The availability of a CAFS foam dispersion system with high efficiency and projection capacity, which is complemented by sprayers in the lower part of the vehicle, led to the inclusion of this Equipment in the Balmis operation to combat COVID 19 by the Spain navy Based on these elements, the VRAC was quickly and innovatively modified so that its tanks and spray pumps could house cleaning chemicals with which to contribute to the disinfection tasks of the Balmis operation. The figures below shows the Navy equipment prepared for disinfection tasks.       [...]