Equipos Industriales de Manutención SA, (EINSA), aware that the quality of life is inextricably linked to respect for the environment, considers that both the development of its activity and environmental protection are two realities that can and should walk together on the basis of sustainable development, so that it can respond to present circumstances without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

Our intention is to be recognized by our customers, employees and the community as a responsible company committed to continuous environmental improvement and prevention of pollution at source.

To develop this policy and meet these commitments, EINSA has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System consistent with the nature, magnitude and environmental impact of the activities, products and services it offers.

The staff of EINSA, due to its own extensive experience in Aircraft Support Teams, is aware of the importance of a good design and its reliability. His exporting experience has reinforced the idea of ​​the extraordinary importance of quality assurance and technical assistance and the importance of having an agile spare parts service that provides support in the shortest possible time. Therefore, quality is a priority in our organizational structure, with the utmost importance.

EINSA has a ISO 14001: 2015.


Download of Environmental Policy Document Here