Drinking Water Vehicle CAPA-2

The Drinking Water Vehicle, model CAPA-2, has been designed to supply clean water to W.B. aircraft and conventional aircraft including the majority of Commuters currently in operation. It consists basically of a stainless steel water tank with a capacity of 2.500 liters, installed on the bed of a commercial vehicle chassis of the customer’s choice.

The unit can be supplied with a ladder or a hydraulically operated lift platform for accessing aircraft tank controls.

It is available with a wide range of options such as Electro-hydraulic rear elevating basket, electric system, totally independent from the truck system, consisting of a 24V. 249 A/h battery for the motor-pump group to operate the optional hydraulic rear work platform, with built-in battery charger, Digital preselector of the litres to be supplied from the tank to the aircraft, Internal cleaning system for cleaning and sterilizing the water tank, Capacity of 3.000 litres, etc.

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