Supplies and Guarantees





EINSA has a warehouse for spare parts in both facilities, in the factory in Madrid is the automated main warehouse that can handle

Up to 15,000 different items stored at heights of up to 15m and with an availability of 80%.

In the warehouses, the management and maintenance of the stock of those parts most in demand is prioritized in order to minimize the delay in delivery, thanks to this, the stock and the immediate response to your shipment is always guaranteed from Madrid or from the United Kingdom.

The use of original spare parts and tools used by the technicians of the (SAT) guarantee the quality of the repairs and their validity in the vehicle, they are safe and reliable and eviso in this way later visits. Einsa guarantees the existence of the spare part for a period of 20 years after the delivery of the equipment, thus exceeding the time dictated by the regulations.



The management of the guarantee during the period granted in each case, is carried out in accordance with the sales conditions established with the customer, covering the entire replacement of spare parts or the intervention of the technicians of the SAT when required anywhere in the world in a relatively short period of time.